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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
11.02Sat The prospect of China U.S. relation11.01Fri Dialogue: New trends of global finance10.30Wed Geopolitical rivalries in the Middle East after death of ISIL head
10.29Tue Russia's Unique Role: Ties with China, U.S.10.27Sun 【T观点】螃蟹陷少子化危机 养殖蟹是解方?! 10.26Sat 硬石、水草、田螺 养出独具风味大闸蟹
10.25Fri U.S. Policy on China / UN Leaders on the Mission10.24Thu Phase one of the China-U.S. trade pact/Julia Chang Bloch: A Chinese-American story10.23Wed Live: British PM Boris Johnson takes questions in parliament 鲍里斯·约翰逊针对“脱欧”议案进行回答
10.22Tue Live: Japans new emperor Naruhitos enthronement日本天皇德仁登基庆典10.19Sat 【T观点】全台桥梁安全吗?桥梁医生总体检 10.18Fri China's Military Global Interaction
10.17Thu IMF rings alarm bells in WEO report / China a Rising Destination for Higher Education10.16Wed HK Chief Exec Spells Out Strategy : Countdown to Brexit Talks Ahead of EU Summit10.15Tue China-U.S. Trade / Trouble with U.S. Pulling Out of Syria
10.14Mon China and the U.S. reach agreement in multiple areas10.13Sun 【T观点】纯网银明年开张 翻转金融.改变消费行为?!10.12Sat China-India ties / China-U.S. competition
10.11Fri Pakistani PM's third visit to China / Who's Who of the 2019 Nobel Prizes10.10Thu Live: Announcement of the 2018 and 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature诺贝尔文学奖将花落谁家?10.09Wed Live: Announcement of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019诺贝尔化学奖将花落谁家?
10.08Tue Live: 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics winner announcement 2019年诺贝尔物理学奖得主即将揭晓10.07Mon Live: 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine announcement 2019诺贝尔生理学或医学奖将花落10.05Sat 【T观点】极端气侯 人为破坏 世界遗产被消失中?!
10.04Fri The Point: Expert believes U.S. tech monopoly dampens innovation10.02Wed Live: Boris Johnson speaks at Conservative Party conference英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊发表演讲10.01Tue Insight China: World insight special for PRC's 70th anniversary
09.28Sat 【T观点】“鲜蚵”味鲜美.营养高 “国民美食”排行榜常胜军 09.25Wed US House antitrust probe on big tech09.24Tue UN Sustainable Development Goals/ Coexistence with biodiversity
09.23Mon U.S. Iran standoff in the UN09.21Sat 【T观点】陆客来台遭限 交通部推36亿“秋冬旅游补助” 09.20Fri What's behind the U.S. Fed's new rate-cut?
09.18Wed Attack on Saudi oil plants/ China and Russia mark 70 years of diplomatic ties09.14Sat 【T观点】人类登月50年 揭开月球“玉兔”神秘面纱... 09.13Fri Change of guard at the IMF U.S. scholars on China-U.S. trade
09.12Thu The current dilemma faced by ROK president Moon Jae-in09.10Tue Jack Ma steps down/Interview with Thomas Friedman09.09Mon India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue/The Hong Kong conundrum
09.07Sat 【T观点】锁管产季 捕获量大不如前 爆生存危机?! 09.06Fri Merkel's state visit to China / Let the music play09.05Thu Carrie Lam withdraws fugitive bill / Iran's uranium enrichment / Brexit impasse
09.04Wed Tensions and conflicts co,ntinue to rise between U.S. and Iran09.03Tue Face recognition technology/ Global humanitarian work09.01Sun UK parliament suspension: what it means for British democracy
08.31Sat 【T观点】暴雨.地震频传 防灾.减灾 “智慧城市”是解方?!08.30Fri UK parliament suspension / Trade row puts damper on Chinese students in U.S08.29Thu Global governance: Wisdom from former leaders
08.28Wed 'American Factory': China-U.S. trade tension up close08.27Tue Trade war front U.S. tariff delay / E-commerce competition08.26Mon Escalation of China-U.S. trade tension
08.25Sun G7 summit amid tiff over trade, climate and security08.24Sat 【T观点】日韩贸易战白热化 二战“徵用工”争议导火线?! 08.23Fri G7 summit / Global ripple effects of China-U.S. trade row
08.22Thu Big Impact of U.S. Midrange Missile Test / Greenland Not For Sale: Why The Fuss?08.19Mon Huawei caught in crossfire of U.S.-China trade war08.18Sun Live: A free clinic in Africa在非洲义诊是一种什么体验?
08.17Sat 【T观点】“禁塑胶吸管”新政上路 “减塑成效”大检视 08.16Fri As Brexit deadline approaches, what's next?08.15Thu Remedy for trouble between S. Korea, Japan / Chang
08.14Wed Live: Hong Kong police hold daily press conference on violent08.13Tue Epstein's death / Chinese animation08.11Sun 【T观点】“暴雨”致灾胜台风 如何与水共存?!
08.10Sat Huawei's HarmonyOS unveiled / Big strain on cross-Strait ties08.09Fri Tensions Surge Over Kashmir / Hong Kong at a Crossroad: Back to Business-as-usual?08.08Thu Light at the end of tunnel for China-U.S. trade row
08.06Tue Trump escalates trade war with Europe & China08.05Mon Souring S. Korea-Japan ties / The art of tough trade talks08.03Sat 【T观点】居家空间大调查 民众优先考量实用性
08.02Fri More U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods / End of the INF treaty07.31Wed China-ASEAN diplomacy / British PM's Brexit strategy07.30Tue China, US back on negotiating table / How viable i
07.29Mon Hong Kong violence/Private Chinese companies join07.28Sun 【T观点】北海道飙40度 破纪录 法国热浪4千所学校停课07.27Sat U.S. reinstates death penalty at the national level
07.25Thu IMF growth forecast / Ebola's resurgence07.24Wed Johnson the next British PM / Worsening Gulf tensions: what now?07.23Tue Live: UK Conservative Party to announce the new prime minister
07.21Sun 【T观点】高山密度 全球前茅 台湾推山岳观光优势 07.20Sat 50th anniversary of the Moon landing: What's next?07.19Fri Changes coming to the global monetary system
07.18Thu South Korea-Japan trade row / Study sets record straight on Sino-Africa ties07.17Wed Live: Apollo 11 anniversary gala salutes galactic accomplishm07.16Tue Bretton Woods System vs. Law of the Jungle
07.14Sun Are China-U.S. trade relations finally moving in a positive direction?07.13Sat Japan-South Korea trade spat07.12Fri Turkey's missiles from Russia/Social media plus cryptocurrency
07.11Thu Race for British PM: Hunt trades flak with Johnson / Brillian07.10Wed 【T观点】国中小学生用眼过度 台湾近视率亚洲第一 07.08Mon Iran tests limits of 2015 nuclear deal / UN at 75
07.07Sun Rethinking China-U.S. relations07.06Sat 【T观点】高温多雨 病媒蚊蠢动 登革热防疫大作战 07.04Thu 2019 Summer Davos 2019: The future of BR
07.03Wed World Insight Special: Summer Davos 201907.02Tue China and U.S. to restart trade talks/ILO heads on making the future work06.30Sun Live: Trump meets Kim Jong Un at Demilitarized Zone 特朗普抵达板门店与金正恩会面
06.29Sat 【大阪G20峰会落幕 会後川普记者会LIVE】06.28Fri 【T观点】出口.内需 台湾经济命脉 地方创生 翻转未来 06.27Thu U.S. to impose new sanctions on Iran
06.26Wed 2019 What to expect at the G20 summit06.25Tue China-U.S. standoff: new turnaround or continued stalemate?06.24Mon U.S. & Iran lock horns /Tim Yip in the spotlight
06.22Sat 【T观点】益生菌新菌种 抗超级细菌王牌? 06.20Thu Aircraft safety: A concern at the Paris Air Show06.19Wed Live: British PM Theresa May takes questions in parliament英首相特蕾莎梅接受质询
06.15Sat 【T观点】玩宝可梦 图像刺激 研究大脑有专区 06.14Fri Japan a likely Iran-U.S. peacemaker?06.12Wed Live: Theresa May takes questions in parliament即将离任的英国首相特蕾莎·梅
06.11Tue The China-Russia culture connection, then and now06.10Mon World Insight06.09Sun 【世界翻转中】台湾教改变变变!走过25年 课业压力更重?
06.08Sat 【T观点】全球长寿企业排行 日本逾2万家居冠 06.07Fri Live: Japan's presser after G20 finance leaders‘ meeting G20各国财长和央行行长会议后召开发布会06.06Thu How will China maintain both global and regional security?
06.05Wed Russia's window on the world06.04Tue U.S.-China trade conflict: How to restore trust?06.01Sat 【T观点】AI辅助判别忧郁症 “脑波”是关键
05.31Fri Huawei vs. U.S. tensions escalate: FedEx diverts Huawei packages05.29Wed Live: Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn hold joint news conference欧盟外交政策负责人召开新闻发布会05.28Tue Trump's state visit to Japan/Icons of architecture
05.27Mon Live: Trump, Abe hold news conference after Tokyo meeting 特朗普与安倍举行新闻发布会05.26Sun 【T观点】争取劳工权益 劳团提9大诉求 05.25Sat Live: South Africa's Ramaphosa sworn in as president, gives speech 南非新当选总统进行就职演说
05.23Thu U.S. crackdown on Huawei05.22Wed Live: Britain's May takes questions after 'new deal' 新“脱欧”协议提交在即,梅姨接受议会质询05.20Mon Alabama abortion ban / Tale of two ancient civilizations
05.19Sun The Point: Is racial diversity a problem for Malaysia?05.18Sat 【T观点】教改25年 改了什麽?108课纲大挑战 05.17Fri Huawei strives amid U.S. pressure/ China-Japan ties on the mend
05.16Thu US businesses face tariff backlash / Pursuit of beauty in film designs with Tim Yip05.15Wed Xi: Civilizations different but equal / Rising Mid05.14Tue Pompeo, Wang Yi on visits to Russia / Lessons of C
05.11Sat 【T观点】国家级场馆陆续竣工 助攻艺文展演热度 05.10Fri U.S. ratchets up pressure on Iran nuclear deal / Fate of world05.08Wed Prague 5G Conference
05.06Mon Live: The latest on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict关注巴以冲突,探访以色列南部遭袭城市05.04Sat 【T观点】三分钟送到 谷歌无人机快递热咖啡04.30Tue Live: Japan's imperial succession日本明仁天皇将退位
04.29Mon Dialogue: The first Putin-Kim summit04.27Sat 【T观点】明仁天皇 4月30日退位 平成时代 画下句点 04.23Tue Live: Updates on Sri Lanka church blasts斯里兰卡首都爆炸最新进展
04.21Sun 【T观点】出境免护照!仁川机场推“虹膜识别”系统 04.20Sat Redacted Mueller report out/ Washington insider on U.S. Syria policy04.19Fri Iran Army Day China-U.S. trade talks
04.17Wed Live: French PM Edouard Philippe holds news briefing法国总理在巴黎圣母院浩劫后发表讲话04.15Mon U.S.-EU Trade tensions04.13Sat 【T观点】海洋人类第二粮仓 资源枯竭 养殖取代捕捞?!
04.11Thu South Korean president in Washington / Journey of an Icelandic filmmaker04.10Wed Israel Election Underway/ Journey of an Icelandic Filmmaker04.09Tue Live: What to know about Israeli general elections? 关注以色列大选最新
04.08Mon Live: Step outside the International Space Station NASA宇航员太空行走04.07Sun Live: Wreath-laying at Kigali Genocide Memorial 卢旺达种族大屠杀纪念日献花04.06Sat 【T观点】CNN全球十大美食票选 台湾美食NO.1
04.05Fri NATO's 70th anniversary: Is Trump NATO's biggest challenge today?04.04Thu Live: Ethiopia issues Boeing crash report埃塞航空空难调查报告发布04.03Wed Golan Heights dispute; Ex-U.S. ambassador to China on trade talks; Interview with former Japanese PM
03.30Sat 【T观点】复古氛围.时尚店面 新旧融合 旅宿新生 03.29Fri Live: UK parliament debates Brexit and Theresa May's deal英国议会再次就脱欧协议草案进行辩论03.27Wed Live: Theresa May takes questions in Parliament特雷莎·梅答议会提问 考验重重
03.26Tue World Insight Special on China-U.S. ties03.25Mon Live: Theresa May makes statement to parliament 脱欧延期 英国首相特蕾莎·梅发表讲话03.23Sat 【T观点】牵动物价敏感神经 电价涨 关键新能源?
03.21Thu Unity in Europe is key to Xi's tour / The Chinese view of space03.18Mon China and the EU in the friend zone/ China's experience with globalization03.17Sun 【全球进行式】日311大地震8周年 灾区重建新影像曝光
03.16Sat Reflections on Ethiopian Airlines crash03.15Fri Fears over aviation safety/U.S. human rights record in 201803.14Thu Live: Debate on extending Brexit negotiating time 英国议会辩论是否延长英国脱欧谈判期限
03.13Wed Live: Theresa May takes PMQs after Brexit defeat 脱欧方案再遭拒绝 特蕾莎·梅将如何应对质询?03.11Mon Brexit talks/Biggest challenges to China's capital markets03.10Sun 【世界翻转中】毛小孩多过人小孩 少子化掀萌宠商机
03.09Sat 【全球进行式】北韩核武卷土重来?! 东仓里飞弹场疑复工 03.08Fri China's foreign policy / Foreign investment law amended03.07Thu 【T观点】就业数逾500万 台湾女力崛起
03.06Wed U.S. opens new front in trade war/Wei in Two Sessi03.05Tue Scrapped US-ROK drills: A goodwill gesture? / Pull03.04Mon Live: IAEA's presser on Iran's nuclear issues国际原子能机构就伊朗核问题召开新闻发布会
03.03Sun 【T观点】全球暖化加剧 海温升幅 超标40% 03.02Sat 【全球进行式】川金过招 金正恩二会川普更老练 03.01Fri Kim Trump summit ends with no deal, what next?
02.28Thu Live: Donald Trump holds a press conference following meeting with Kim Jong Un 特朗普就与金正恩会晤成果召开新闻发布会02.27Wed 美朝峰会美朝二次峰会今日登场 朝鲜半岛将迎来新格局?02.26Tue 美朝峰会特金再聚首 美朝博弈进入倒计时
02.24Sun 【T观点】不浪费驱动绿经济 创意循环再生术 02.23Sat 【全球进行式】不惜与在野党翻脸 川普强盖墙为连任 02.22Fri China-U.S. trade talks/Interview with Oscar-winning filmmaker
02.21Thu Putin state-of-the-nation address / U.S. intervention in Venezuela02.20Wed Live: Putin addresses Russian parliament俄罗斯总统普京发表国情咨文演讲02.17Sun 【T观点】台湾 观赏鱼出口大国 萤光鱼技术领跑全球
02.16Sat 【全球进行式】委内瑞拉民不聊生 护士律师下海赚皮肉钱 02.15Fri Russia and the U.S. suspend the INF Treaty/ Talking to scholar on BRI02.14Thu Vietnam’s role in U.S. DPRK relations
02.13Wed Live: PMQ after May's plea for more time yesterday 脱欧倒计时02.11Mon Race for 5G / China-U.S. trade talks02.09Sat 【全球进行式】吃美食解乡愁 南韩异国餐厅赚新年财
02.08Fri The Point: How does Trump's exit from the TPP influence China?02.07Thu Biggest takeaways from Trump's SOTU address / Witness to history02.06Wed Live: Donald Trump sets out his policy agenda for the coming
02.02Sat 【全球进行式】素颜出庭申请换担保人 30天决定引渡案02.01Fri The Point: U.S. ‘bullying and blackmail’ in Venezuela01.29Tue Live: UK Parliament debates Brexit 'Plan B' 英国议会脱欧辩论
01.28Mon China-U.S. business leaders on trade negotiations01.27Sun 【T观点】渔工化身爸! 换网+冲澡+除虫 费心养殖鱼 01.26Sat 【全球进行式】美启动引渡华为千金 陆外交部立即放人!
01.25Fri Live: What's the global economic outlook for 2019? 2019冬季达沃斯之世界经济展望01.24Thu Exclusive with China's top SOE watchdog, executives at WEF 201901.23Wed What can we expect for Vice Premier Liu He’s visit to the U.S.?
01.22Tue Live: Why WEF is more than just an economic gathering? 世界经济论坛2019年年会开幕式01.21Mon WEF 2019; Kai-fu Lee on the future of AI01.20Sun 【T观点】探访美肌之源 来自熊本保养品
01.19Sat 【全球进行式】脱欧案惨输大溃败 梅伊面临重大考验 01.18Fri WEF sounds alarm over world economy01.17Thu After Brexit deal defeat, what now? / Frances grand debate to appease yellow vests?
01.16Wed U.S. option to strike Iran / 'Globalization 4.0' at 2019 WEF01.15Tue Live: Theresa May government’s Brexit deal debate01.14Mon No sign of end to U.S. federal shutdown / U.S. nav
01.13Sun 【T观点】南韩好酒三个有一人曾烂醉 七成爱独饮 01.12Sat 【全球进行式】逼美让步? 贸易谈判之际习邀金正恩访华 01.10Thu Kim Jong Un's China visit lifts hope for denuclearization / China-U.S. trade talks
01.09Wed 直播回顾特朗普就边境危机发表全国电视讲话01.08Tue U.S. policy in the Middle East : Global growth a challenge in 201901.06Sun 台港医药费 私人皮肤科1/20价.洗牙省50%
01.05Sat 喜迎2019! 澳洲雪梨疯跨年烟火秀引爆 01.02Wed Reflections on 40 years of Sino-U.S. ties



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