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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
11.01Fri Live: Headline Buster Myths of the UK lorry tragedy 外媒为何无凭无据称英国货车39具尸体都为中国人?10.31Thu Fruits of the CPC Fourth Plenary Session : Tipping Point in China US Trade Talks10.30Wed Live: Bob Dylan's first retrospective exhibition debuts in Shanghai鲍勃·迪伦艺术大展亮相上海
10.29Tue China's Eye on Blockchain10.28Mon Live: Is Costco still popular in China after a frenzied debut? 网红超市Costco开业两月,依然火爆?10.27Sun 70 years and counting: China's poverty alleviation in healthcare
10.26Sat Live: Freestyle dance with unicorns at Wuzhen Outdoor Carnival 寻觅古镇嘉年华上的戏剧“独角兽”10.25Fri Live: Chinese traditional medical treatment benefits Lebanon locals 中国传统医术在黎巴嫩深受欢迎10.24Thu Phase one of the China-U.S. trade pact
10.23Wed Historic journey: a glorious new era10.22Tue Historic Journey: Shared Destiny10.19Sat Live: Check out the cutest pets at 2019 Petday China中国宠物文化Live: Check out the cutest pets at 2019 Petday China中国宠物文化节
10.18Fri Live: Headline Buster 70 years of New China: from poverty to prosperity 外媒如何看待中国扶贫70年10.17Thu Reform and opening-up: A new chapter for China10.16Wed Live: Carrie Lam gives 2019 policy address林郑月娥发表任内第三份施政报告
10.15Tue China and the U.S. reach agreement in multiple areas10.14Mon Crossover: Sino-Uzbek Legacy Along the Ancient Silk Road10.13Sun Historic Journey: Soaring Ambition
10.12Sat Xi and Modi discuss China-India shared prosperity in Chennai meeting10.11Fri Historic Journey: The Spring of Reform10.10Thu DPRK-U.S. nuclear talks break down again
10.09Wed 70 years of China-DPRK ties10.08Tue Historic Journey: A Key Turning Point10.06Sun Live: Stunning drone light show celebrates PRC's 70th anniversary
10.05Sat Insight 70 years- China's journey seen from rock music and photography10.04Fri Insight 70 years Uli Sigg: Western Pioneer in China10.03Thu 70 years of change and transformation in China
10.02Wed China’s RMB going global10.01Tue 《庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年大会 阅兵式 群众游行特别报道》09.30Mon 直播回看中华人民共和国国家勋章和国家荣誉称号颁授仪式特别报道
09.29Sun 《中华人民共和国国家勋章和国家荣誉称号颁授仪式》09.28Sat Live: China and India – 'What can we learn from each other?'中国和印度之间能互相学习什么09.27Fri Live: Briefing on the achievements of fighting against poverty 庆祝新中国成立70周年第三次新闻发布会
09.26Thu Live: Briefing on improvement of people's livelihood over 70 years09.25Wed Live: Opening ceremony of Beijing Daxing International Airport北京大兴国际机场开航09.24Tue Live: Briefing on the future development of the Chinese economy庆祝新中国成立70周年第一场新闻
09.23Mon Why China can feed its 1.4 billion people09.20Fri Live: How China shipping industry boosts more trade大连港如何成为重要国际贸易港口、武汉光谷09.19Thu Live: The development of China's villages中国的乡村建设
09.18Wed Live: Development of cultural industry in China 走向世界的中国文化09.17Tue Live: How China went from 'World's Factory' to 'World's Market' 从“世界工厂”到“世界市场09.16Mon Rediscovering China: Once upon a time in Tibet
09.15Sun Live: Check out SW China's panda haven 看熊猫,了解中国如何推进防灾减灾09.14Sat Live: What steps has China taken in poverty alleviation? 中国脱贫攻坚进行时 Loading... L09.13Fri Live: Celebrating Chinese mid-autumn festival from across China 全国各地共度中秋
09.12Thu Live: Which city is the most livable in China? Dali, Yunnan Province CGTN全景中国之民09.11Wed Live: Transformation of resource-based cities 中国资源型城市转型09.10Tue Live: Path of economic development for poor Chinese province
09.09Mon Live: China-Russia border trade flourishes in Manzhouli“东亚之窗”见证中俄边贸发展09.08Sun Maritime Silk Road: past and present09.07Sat German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to China and trade is on the agenda
09.06Fri Live: Huawei launches new flagship smartphone chip华为发布世界首个5G旗舰手机芯片09.05Thu How to implement the rural vitalization strategy?09.04Wed Live: Carrie Lam speaks after withdrawing the fugitive bill林郑月娥召开新闻发布会
09.03Tue New China U.S. tit- for- tat tariffs : Costco's big China opening09.02Mon Hong Kong protest continues after police declined to issue a permit09.01Sun Why China can promote national fitness
08.30Fri Live: 999 drones light up Canton Tower in S. China 999架无人机广州塔旁点亮五星红旗08.29Thu Live: SCIO briefs on the 70th anniversary of PRC founding 国新办举行庆祝新中国成立70周年发布会08.27Tue Live: Second Smart China Expo kicks off in Chongqing CGTN带你探秘中国国际智能产业博览会
08.26Mon Crossover: China's new generation of bloggers08.25Sun Live: Macao newly-elected chief executive holds press confere08.24Sat China-U.S. trade talks on track: Will a deal be reached?
08.22Thu Live: Visiting a smart health house in Shanghai探访智慧健康小屋08.20Tue What is 'Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy'?08.17Sat Live: CGTN series honors 70th anniversary of PRC founding共和国发展成就巡礼——浙江篇
08.16Fri Live: Latest on rock collapse in SW China 持续关注 成昆铁路甘洛段山体崩塌08.15Thu Live: CGTN series honors 70th anniversary of PRC founding共和国发展成就巡礼——浦江恒流、上海恒新08.14Wed Live: Press briefing on China's July economic performance
08.13Tue China-Japan ties at crossroad08.12Mon Crossover: Garbage sorting for greener living08.11Sun Live: Typhoon Lekima hits China's Shandong Province 台风利奇马在山东登陆
08.09Fri Live: Huawei Developer Conference 2019 opened in S China 201908.08Thu Live: 2019 World Police and Fire Games opens in Chengdu 亚洲首次 世警会于成都开幕08.07Wed Live: Hong Kong police hold press conference香港警方回应暴力事件
08.06Tue Live: State Council briefs on the current situation in HK 国务院港澳办就香港当前局势举行新闻发布会08.05Mon Garbage Sorting in Shanghai08.02Fri China, U.S. hail 'constructive' talks / Marriage a growing 'taboo' in East Asia
08.01Thu China-ASEAN diplomacy at foreign ministers' meeting07.31Wed China's opening up of financial markets07.30Tue Live: Fourth Silk Road (Dunhuang) Int'l Cultural Expo in northwest China 丝绸之路文博会甘南开幕 千人锅庄献礼共和国
07.29Mon Live: Closer to the living fossil of ancient music in Xinjian07.27Sat Crossover: Foreigners in Traditional Chinese Art07.26Fri White paper maps out Chinas defensive strategy / Russia, ROK at odds over air intrusion
07.25Thu Live: Special birthday party for 18 one-year-old pandas in SW China四川2018级大熊猫宝宝一岁啦!07.22Mon Live: What benefits can smart cities bring to life? 数字之城创造更理想的生活07.19Fri Why China can build its own space station?
07.12Fri Live: Floods triggered by torrential rains threat parts of China 中国多地遭暴雨洪水袭击07.11Thu Another U.S. arms sale to Taiwan at a sensitive time07.09Tue The Point: Is China & UK at ‘diplomatic war’ over Hong Kong?
07.06Sat China's green efforts paying off / China's07.05Fri Live: How animals are coping with N China's intense heatwave 40度高温来袭 动物们如何花式避暑?07.04Thu How is China reshaping its role in the global economy?
07.03Wed Assignment Asia Episode 108: Asian Martial Arts07.02Tue Live: A Malay Singaporean pursuing his love for Chinese calligraphy 中国书法在新加坡的影响力有多大?06.30Sun Live: China's role in the Globalization 4.0 era中国在“全球化4.0”时代的角色
06.29Sat Live: Completion of Beijing Daxing International Airport北京大兴国际机场竣工06.28Fri Live: A bite of African cultures in China! 打卡第一届中非经贸博览会06.27Thu Live: President Xi arrives in Osaka for G20 summit 习近平主席抵达日本大阪出席G20峰会、商务部新闻发布会
06.26Wed Live: CGTN starts first 5G smartphone livestream! CGTN首次5G移动直播06.25Tue Live: Wander through the mystic hallways of a traditional Tibetan hospital 走进申扎县藏医院06.24Mon Live: MOFA briefs Xi's agenda at G20 Summit 外交部就习近平主席出席G20大阪峰会举行中外媒体吹风会
06.23Sun Live: Local authorities brief media on M5.4 earthquake in SW06.22Sat China-DPRK ties in the spotlight / Minds Without B06.21Fri Assignment Asia Episode 105: Hopes and Transformation
06.20Thu The Point: Is China using DPRK as 'leverage' in trade war?06.19Wed Live: How does an earthquake early warning system work? 四川长宁地震背后 地震预警是预报吗?06.17Mon President Xi's state visit / China-UK ties
06.16Sun Tales from the Silk Road of the Sea Ep.5: The Heritage06.14Fri Live: Leaders of SCO members hold summit 上合组织成员国领导人举行大范围会议06.13Thu Live: Xi Jinping, Sooronbay Jeenbekov exchange signed documents
06.12Wed Live: 10 million Chinese students competed for College Entrance Exam 高中毕业谈高考06.11Tue Live: Huawei officials present Huawei's AI strategy亚洲电子消费06.09Sun Xi visit to Russia, strategic ties reached/E-comme
06.08Sat Live: Bamboo knitting craft transforms rural village in SW China成都崇州非遗竹编小镇里的工匠生活06.07Fri Live: Xi and Putin address the main plenary session of SPIEF06.06Thu Live: A sneak peek of CGTN’s SPIEF 2019 studio直击CGTN圣彼得堡国际经济论坛
06.05Wed Live: How Shenzhen activists revive the coral community 深圳珊瑚保育行动,助力海洋生态恢复06.03Mon Live: Poetic landscape of Jiangsu Garden at Beijing Expo 201906.02Sun China issues white paper on its stance on China-U.S. economic, trade talks in Beijing
06.01Sat Shangri-La Dialogue 201905.31Fri Live: What to expect at 2019 Shangri-La Dialogue关注香格里拉对话会,记者探探访媒体中心05.29Wed Live: Discover cutting-edge technologies at Big Data Expo探访2019数博会
05.28Tue Fostering innovation in Chinese companies05.27Mon Live: Explore China Int'l Big Data Industry Expo 探馆数博会 畅想05.25Sat Huawei in cross-fire of U.S.-China trade war
05.24Fri Live: Join 'Science Night' at National Zoological Museum 走进“科学之夜”,感受科技魅力05.23Thu Live: MOFCOM announces fresh data and comments on current affairs 商务部例行新闻发布会05.22Wed Live: How do Chinas slurry Tunnel Boring Machines come into their beings? 中国盾构机是怎样炼成的?
05.21Tue Live: Huawei launches Honor 20 series in London 华为在伦敦召开荣耀20系列新品发布会05.20Mon Magic at Their Fingertips: Ultimate Beauty05.19Sun What makes China confident about its culture?
05.18Sat Live: Enjoy the beauty of culture, science and nature – Peking University Open Day05.16Thu Live: Asia's role in the future亚洲在未来世界中将扮演什么样的角色?05.15Wed 《你好亚洲》武术、亚洲美食 、舞动亚洲、亚洲节拍
05.14Tue Rise from the Ruins: Unbeatable Beichuan High School05.13Mon Rise from the Ruins: Revitalization of Beichuan County05.11Sat China broadens access to financial markets
05.08Wed Values and lifestyles of young people in their 20s05.06Mon International Workers’ Day 201905.05Sun [多彩亚洲] 亚洲文明对话大会五月举行 广东广州 乐享亚洲美食 品味千年花城
05.04Sat Live: Check out the most impressive cartoon parade in China 来中国国际动漫节,解锁最“燃”动漫巡游05.03Fri Centenary of May Fourth Movement05.01Wed China-Russia global partners Kenya: A BRI success story
04.30Tue Live: China marks centenary of May Fourth Movement纪念五四运动100周年04.29Mon Dialogue: The second Belt & Road Forum04.28Sun Live: BRI brings Chinese-made subway compartments to Argentin
04.27Sat Live: Xi briefs media on outcome of second BRF 习近平出席“一带一路”国际合04.26Fri Live: Xi addresses the Belt and Road Forum习近平出席“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛04.25Thu Live: How to enhance financial connectivity for BRI一带一路高峰论坛
04.24Wed Live: Do you see both sides of the BRI? 和CGTN一起AR读报,解读“一带一路”国际报道04.23Tue China and global growth04.22Mon Live: Presser on Belt and Road Initiative 国新办介绍《共建“一带一路”倡议进展和展望》
04.21Sun Live: One mega project, many personal stories带路通,人心通,分享你的一带一路04.19Fri Live: Presser on the 2nd Belt and Road Forum 第二届“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛吹风会04.17Wed IMF and World Bank spring meetings China-Japan ties
04.16Tue Live: China's largest trade fair opens in Guangzhou CGTN带你探秘第125届广交会04.15Mon China-EU Relations & Xi’s Thoughts on Diplomacy04.14Sun Early childhood education: A booming market in China
04.12Fri Live: Food aid departs for Africa from China中国向非洲提供粮食援助04.11Thu Live: Joint presser by Premier Li, Croatian PM and Croatian Roads CEO04.10Wed Attitudes Toward Sex Education
04.09Tue China's Captains Courageous: The Canine Rescue Team04.08Mon Mobile Payment: China leads the way、Airport Duty Manager、Xiongan New Area04.07Sun Live: Celebrating the birthday of the Yellow Emperor黄帝故里拜祖大典 家旺国兴业隆盛
04.06Sat China's Captains Courageous: Moving a Bank04.05Fri Lessons from US college admissions scandal / China04.04Thu Live: Mourning ceremony being held in SW China四川凉山森林火灾扑火牺牲人员悼念仪式
04.03Wed Live: Remains of 10 Chinese soldiers to return home第六批在韩中国人民志愿军烈士遗骸回国04.02Tue China’s Mega Projects: The 24-hour megacity04.01Mon China’s Mega Projects: Manufacturing
03.31Sun Live: Join the Earth Hour observances with CGTN! 2019地球一小时熄灯仪03.30Sat China's Mega Projects: Food03.29Fri World Insight Special on the Boao Forum for Asia 2019
03.28Thu Dialogue with Thinkers a rising digital Asia03.27Wed Live: Innovation and openness new vitality of Asian economies对话思想者、博鳌时间03.26Tue WI Special on 2019 China Development Forum
03.25Mon Live: Xi and Macron make joint statement03.24Sun Live: Proactive fiscal policy measures 积极财政政策新举措03.23Sat Live: Embrace a new era of 5G 迎接5G时代
03.22Fri Live: President Xi Jinping meets the press with his Italian counterpart03.21Thu Live: MOFCOM briefs media after Two Sessions 2019 商务部召开2019年全国两会后首场例行发布会03.19Tue The Point: China releases Xinjiang anti terrorism white paper
03.18Mon Live: Updates on rescue after N. China building collapses山西乡宁山体滑坡 大型机械开始外围作业03.16Sat Premier Li meets the press03.15Fri 直播回看十三届全国人大二次会议闭幕会和李克强总理记者会
03.13Wed Live: Closing meeting of 2nd session of 13th CPPCC全国政协十三届二次会议闭幕03.12Tue Live: Presser by China's Supreme People's Court攻坚“基本解决执行难”、两会部长通道03.11Mon Live: Presser on China's battle against pollution打好污染防治攻坚战
03.09Sat Live: 2nd meeting of 2nd session of 13th NPC starts十三届全国人大二次会议03.08Fri 《十三届全国人大二次会议记者会》国务委员兼外交部长王毅答记者问03.07Thu 《十三届全国人大二次会议第二次全体会议》栗战书作全国人民代表大会常务委员会工作报告
03.06Wed Live: CPPCC members brief on business and economy 优化营商环境,促进民营03.05Tue 《十三届全国人大二次会议开幕会》李克强总理作政府工作报告03.04Mon 《十三届全国人大二次会议发布会》大会发言人张业遂就人大工作相关的问题回答中外记者提问
03.03Sun 直播回看全国政协十三届二次会议开幕会特别报道03.02Sat 《全国政协十三届二次会议发布会特别报道》大会发言人郭卫民介绍本次大会有关情况并回答记者提问02.28Thu Live: China's Ministry of Commerce holds press briefing 商务部召开2月第三次例行新闻发布会
02.25Mon Hydropower: China’s world “business card”02.23Sat James Cameron interview; What makes Chinese sci-fi different?02.22Fri Live: First ARJ21 aircraft ready to fly ARJ21新机交付 民航又添国产雄鹰
02.20Wed Progress in China-U.S. trade talks President Xi seeks win-win deal with U.S.02.18Mon Live: The world's first 5G equipped train station in Shanghai 火速围观!华为5G火车站正式启动02.16Sat Live: Folk aerial acrobatics celebrate New Year 西北民间“空中杂技” 庄浪高抬闹新春
02.15Fri A 'Toilet Revolution' in China02.14Thu Live: China Commerce Ministry press briefing02.13Wed Fintech and constructing a social credit system
02.09Sat Live: Welcome the fortune god in Huguang Guild Hall 重庆湖广会馆迎财神02.08Fri A time of reflection on Chinese thinking and philosophy02.03Sun Live: Hold your breath! It's time for the dragon to rise
02.01Fri Live: The road home – countdown to Chinese New Year 准备好了吗?跟CGTN一起坐车回家过年吧!01.28Mon Live: Homebound migrant workers get on a special train返乡专列送务工01.26Sat Live: Migrant worker comes home on motorbike 农民工摩托车返乡持续追踪 小莫平
01.23Wed Live: Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan addresses Davos 201901.22Tue Live: Chinas top economic planner briefs media on macro-economic situation 国家发改委就宏观运行情况举行发布会01.21Mon A Long Voyage to Success: China’s investment in Hambantota Port faces several challenges
01.19Sat Live: How Zhuang people prepare Spring Festival menu favorite01.18Fri Live: Travel issues for Spring Festival 2019国新办召开2019年首场春运发布会01.17Thu Live: First aid drill in Beijing Capital Airport 北京首都机场开展AED急救演练
01.16Wed Live: China's new industrial, social and biz measures 2019全国工、民、商新举措抢“鲜”看01.15Tue Datong’s diversity unearthed01.14Mon Live: Chang'e-4 mission press conference 国新办举行嫦娥四号任务有关情况新闻发布会
01.13Sun Live: What’s the oldest Chinese opera? 腊八与昆曲将会碰撞出什么样的火花?01.10Thu The Point: Xi Jinping calls for reunification. Tsai Ing-wen says no. What’s next?01.08Tue China's economy shifts to second gear / Russia
01.07Mon 40 Years of Transformation: Local Life01.06Sun Chang'e-4 – China’s lunar project、Is China still Chinese today?01.03Thu Live: From scavenger to translator 励志拾荒大姐翻译英文小说



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