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播出节目主题列表 (按日期倒序排列) 日历列表
11.02Sat Live: How does Shanghai process large cargoes of CIIE exhibits? 漂洋过海来参展 海上巨无霸抢先看11.01Fri Live: Can we spot a polar bear today? 极地追光之旅——今天可以遇到北极熊吗?10.31Thu Live: Welcome to the 46th Annual Village Halloween Parade! 绝对不能错过!2019纽约万圣节大游行
10.26Sat Live: Touring around the Athletes' Village at Military World Games 探访武汉全球首个军运村10.25Fri Live: Stories of poverty alleviation in Horqin Right Middle Banner内蒙古科右中旗的脱贫故事10.20Sun Live: What will it be like when VR meets 5G? 探访世界VR产业大会
10.17Thu Live: Ways to become 'master gamers' in Xi'an Jiaotong University 最美校园——西安交通大学10.16Wed Historic journey: The realization of dreams10.10Thu Beijing Intl. Horticultural Exhibition closes with grand gala
10.08Tue International Horticultural Expo 2019 wraps up in Beijing10.06Sun Live: Stunning drone light show celebrates PRCs 70th anniversary10.03Thu Live: Tour around the Beijing Expo during National Day Holiday十一黄金周游览世园会
10.02Wed Live: People in EU come together to clean beach in Istanbul守护蓝色地球 欧盟为清洁海滩行动09.27Fri Live: Chinas scenic spot Jiuzhaigou reopens after quake九寨沟美丽归来!今日开园迎接游客09.25Wed Live: A fresh look at Beijing Daxing International Airport新鲜打卡北京大兴国际机场
09.22Sun Live: How do the Manchu people celebrate their harvest? 农民丰收节 看满族人民如何庆丰收09.20Fri Live: 'New China' crew reaches their final destinations! 2019全景中国系列直播走进终点站、登上武汉经久不衰的过江轮渡09.19Thu Live: The unique scenery of rural China 看美丽乡村风景 感受70年变迁
09.17Tue Live: An in-depth look at 'Made in China' CGTN全景中国之中国制造的发展09.16Mon Live: The happiest city in China! 在成都体验茶文化09.15Sun Live: Ethnic Koreans' life in China朝鲜族人们的幸福生活
09.14Sat The slow train home Ep.4: Life in the snowy mountains09.13Fri Live: Ancient Chinese town celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival庆中秋赏美月!山西忻州古城秀传统民俗表演 09.12Thu Live: How to conserve the biodiversity in China? CGTN全景中国之保护生物多样性
09.11Wed Live: How Yunnan becomes the flower kingdom? CGTN全景中国带你揭秘花卉王国——彩云之南09.10Tue Live: Touring the scenery painted on the 20 RMB bill 20元人民币上的美景09.09Mon Live: Tour the duty-free shops at the China-Russia border繁忙的满洲里中俄互市边境贸易商场
09.07Sat The slow train home Ep.2: Journey into Xinjiang09.06Fri Live: Exploring the China-Arab States Expo 2019中阿博览会09.05Thu Live: Campus Crawl – Yunnan University 四季如画的云南大学
09.04Wed Live: Exploring Macao's local food体验澳门当地美食09.03Tue The slow train home Ep.1: Under the Daliang mountains09.01Sun Preserving the hutongs of Old Beijing
08.31Sat Live: Kenya's 30th international camel derby 第30届国际骆驼德比节,肯尼亚的“那达慕“08.28Wed Live: 20,000 revelers toss tomato at Spain's La Tomatina Festival 西班牙小镇年度番茄大战开启08.27Tue Live: More from Chinese aviation industry at MAKS-2019 CGTN带您打卡莫斯科国际航空航天展览会
08.26Mon Live: Caribbean-style party at Notting Hill Carnival嗨翻诺丁山狂欢节08.25Sun Live: Let's party at Notting Hill Carnival! 欧洲最大街头派对——诺丁山08.24Sat Live: Garbage collection in Africa's largest slum 非洲最大贫民窟
08.23Fri The Lost Kingdoms: On the banks of the Ili River 208.22Thu Live: NASA spacewalkers install new docking port NASA宇航员太空行走装适配器08.20Tue The Lost Kingdoms: On the banks of the Ili River 1
08.19Mon Live: Enjoy a Mongolian festival at BFA Ulaanbaatar Conference08.18Sun The Lost Kingdoms: A Buddhist kingdom beneath the sands 208.17Sat Live: 2019 Tanmen Beachcombing Festival in China琼海市渔民、游客齐赶海
08.16Fri Live: Thousands set sail to celebrate new fishing season in S China 防城港市庆祝开海节 千帆起航08.15Thu The Lost Kingdoms: A Buddhist kingdom beneath the sands 108.12Mon Live: Walk along with world's 1st man traversing Yangtze River on foot徒步挑战长江是一种什么体验?
08.10Sat Live: Visiting Tibet's horse racing festival马背上的速度与激情西藏“08.09Fri Glamorous Argentina Ep.4: The sun of May08.08Thu Glamorous Argentina Ep.3: The favored land
08.07Wed Glamorous Argentina Ep.2: Beautiful lives08.06Tue Glamorous Argentina Ep.1: Nature's Imprint08.04Sun 【江山多娇·我和我的家乡】红与黑的变奏——安源
08.03Sat Live: A walkthrough of ChinaJoy 2019 video game show猎奇中国国际数码互动娱乐展览会08.02Fri Live: Beat the heat with a trip to Mount Wutai 炎炎夏日里的“清凉山”08.01Thu Live: Campus Crawl – Lanzhou University 最美校园第四站——兰州大学
07.29Mon Live: World's only panda triplets celebrate 5th birthday全球仅存大熊猫三胞胎庆祝5岁生日07.28Sun Live: Wonders of the wild Ep.13- Whose bite is stronger? Crocs or hyenas?鳄鱼鬣狗咬合力大战 谁将获胜07.27Sat Live: The lion, king of the jungle in Africa非洲野生动物大迁徙?辛巴的美丽家园
07.26Fri 江山多娇·我和我的家乡——“蝶变”青山湖07.25Thu Live: Wonders of the wild Ep. 8 – Deep into the Kruger Nation、 Ep. 8、 Ep. 607.24Wed Live: Wonders of the Wild Ep. 5 – How to be the king of beast? 百兽之王巧猎角马 弱肉强食、EP4 Secrets of the plains in Africa
07.23Tue Live: Wonders of the wild Ep. 3 – Battles around water points 非洲野生动物大迁徙?水源争夺战 抵御干旱与饥饿之旅07.22Mon Live: Wonders of the wild Ep. 2 – How does a lion hunt its prey?07.21Sun Live: Wonders of the wild Ep. 1 Cross the Mara River with zebras非洲野生动物大迁徙第一集?斑马群横渡马拉河 危机四伏
07.19Fri Live: A culinary experience with celebrity chef Eric Teo 与新加坡明星厨师来一趟亲密的烹饪冒险07.18Thu China completes world's 'most difficult' cross-strait road-rail bridge07.14Sun Live: France celebrates Bastille Day with traditional military parade 法国巴黎举行阅兵式庆祝巴士底日
07.13Sat Live: How Yellow River carries sand to form new land by estuary感受黄河入海口的别样魅力07.12Fri Live: Giant panda cub Long Zai celebrates its 1st birthday 大熊猫宝宝“隆仔”一岁了!07.11Thu Live: Savor the flavor of Singapore's food at STREAT 2019新加坡美食有什么?看了让你口水直流
07.10Wed Live: Campus Crawl Ep. 3 – Beijing Jiaotong University 最美校园第三站?北京交通大学07.09Tue Live: How much do you know about Xinjiang grapes? 吐鲁番的葡萄熟了,想去尝一尝吗?07.07Sun Live: Extreme heat activities in the desert 游客在新疆沙漠体验“火热”
07.06Sat Live: Explore China's Liangzhu ruins, the latest World Heritage site走进5000年前的良渚古城07.05Fri Live: The second Pingyao International Sculpture Festival 07.04Thu Live: Campus Crawl Ep. 2 – Tsinghua University 最美校园第二站?清华——你所不知道的清华大学
06.30Sun Glamorous Cambodia Ep.4: Brave Heart06.29Sat Glamorous Cambodia Ep.3: Homemade and Handmade06.28Fri Glamorous Cambodia Ep.2: Homeland
06.27Thu Glamorous Cambodia Ep.1: Paradise on Earth06.26Wed Glamorous Indonesia Ep. 2: The Island Residents06.25Tue Live: Peach Blossom Land – Utopia in the eyes of Japanese designer日本设计师眼中的桃花源
06.24Mon Glamorous Indonesia Ep.1: A Land of Plenty06.23Sun Live: Take a ride on the 1st subway line under the Yellow River06.22Sat Live: Revisit Yangxian for the endangered crested ibis 探访”鸟中大熊猫“朱鹮栖息地
06.21Fri Live: Gourmet tour in France Pavilion at Beijing Expo 2019 吃货福利!北京世园会法棍飘香06.20Thu Live: Stroll through Lhasa’s busiest place: Barkhor Street 探秘拉萨八廓街06.19Wed Live: Are you ready for a trip to Lhasa? 西藏走基层准备好去拉萨了吗?
06.16Sun Live: A walk in downtown Dushanbe 探秘杜尚别06.15Sat Live: How does a poverty stricken village turn into a tourist attraction? 花桥村“变身” 从贫困村到国家4A景区06.14Fri Live: Taking a real 5G bus 5G公交车长啥样?CGTN带你一探究竟
06.13Thu Live: Pick the stamp you want the most at the World Stamp Exhibition 2019世界集邮展览在武汉举办06.12Wed Live: Poverty alleviation in NW China脱贫攻坚在路上 甘南藏乡新生活06.11Tue Live: Visit N China's coolest theme park冰城夏日 打卡室内冰雪乐园
06.09Sun Live: Chongqing Nanbin Int'l Drama Festival 2019 燃情6月!老街里巡演国际戏剧节06.08Sat Live: Singapore's community circus show新加坡中国文化中心马戏表演06.07Fri Live: Travel back to the ancient Dragon Boat Festival 品味传统的端午
06.05Wed Live: A traditional Nuo dance in China's Jiangxi Province06.04Tue Chinese Garden Ep.1: A Piece of Heaven on Earth06.03Mon Live: A landmarks tour of St. Petersburg CGTN带你打卡圣彼得堡地标建筑
06.01Sat Live: Breathtaking air displays at Torbay Airshow 2019英国托贝航展震05.31Fri Live: Explore Indonesia's Ramadan delicacies体验印尼斋月美食05.30Thu Live: China's Ansai waist drum dance show 走进陕西安塞腰鼓发源地
05.29Wed Live: Port on Nepal-China border reopens after 4 years 中尼边境樟木口岸重新开放05.28Tue Live: Examination of Zhoushan Trans-oceanic Bridges舟山跨海大桥十周年05.25Sat Live: Authentic South Korean cultural experience at Beijing Expo 2019 北京世园会邂逅韩国园林
05.23Thu Live: Healing wounds at The Museum of Brokenhearted打卡成都失恋博物馆05.21Tue Live: Don't miss spectacular light show in Chongqing超燃!新版重庆江北嘴灯光秀全新亮相05.20Mon Live: Stories behind Indonesia's traditional houses探访印尼缩影公园
05.19Sun Live: World's natural wonder— Enshi Grand Canyon 大自然鬼斧神工之作:恩施大峡谷05.18Sat Live: Different cultural elements presented in Louvre Abu Dha05.17Fri Live: Indonesia's love affair with rice 印尼的大米美食
05.16Thu Live: Take your taste buds on tour at the Asian food carnival05.15Wed Live: Celebrate Asian Culture Carnival 亚洲文化嘉年华盛大举办05.14Tue Live: Touring an Asian food haven in Kuala Lumpur 探访吉隆坡美食阿罗街
05.13Mon Live: Rustic charm of Beijing Expo 2019探访百园之园 体验诗意生活05.11Sat Live: Jiangxi exhibits its cultural jewels 江西文化发展巡礼展小探05.10Fri Live: Tour the Beijing Expo's Experience Pavilion探访世园会生活体验馆
05.08Wed Live: Step inside the China Pavilion at Beijing Expo 2019 北京世园会中国馆探馆05.07Tue Glamorous Vanuatu: 'The happiest place on Earth'05.05Sun Live: Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn bestows royal names泰国王室成员
05.04Sat Live: Thailand's King is being officially crowned泰国哇集拉隆功国王加冕典礼在首都曼谷隆重举行05.03Fri Live: When veggies meet art世园会百蔬园探馆05.02Thu Live: Fun with amazing plants 走进世园会植物馆,探索不可思议的“植物智慧”
05.01Wed Live: Getting Crafty in Cambodia 走进“柬埔寨“制作艺术品、工艺品市场04.30Tue Live: A trip to the International Pavilion of Beijing 2019 Expo CGTN带你逛北京世园会之国际馆04.29Mon Live: Backstage pass to a Cambodian circus CGTN带你探秘柬埔寨法尔马戏团后台
04.28Sun Live: Opening ceremony of Int'l Horti-Expo 2019 begins in Beijing习主席出席2019北京世园会开幕式并发表致辞04.27Sat Live: The Inaugural Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo! CGTN带你逛首届大运河文化博览会04.26Fri Picture Crazy: Ladder to the Sky 2
04.25Thu Live: China's biggest tropical botanical garden 探访西双版纳热带植物园04.24Wed Live: Discover relics of the ancient Silk Road in Oman阿曼国家博物馆04.23Tue Live: Explore Tianjin's high-tech library天津中新友好图书馆体验“黑”科技、Picture Crazy: Flying Across the Lake of Death
04.22Mon Live: China's suspended Sky Train made of glass 成都透明空中悬挂火车04.21Sun Picture Crazy: Heart Towards Antarctica 1、204.20Sat Live: Dive into China's underwater force来大连旅顺潜艇博物馆,参观神秘的“海底蛟龙”
04.19Fri Live: Explore the China-Thailand railway hub area 走进中泰铁路未来 “枢纽”孔敬04.18Thu Live: How to arrange flowers like a pro? 跟CGTN一起学花艺04.17Wed Live: Migratory birds stop at China's Hulun Lake呼伦湖国家级自然保护区候鸟迁徙季
04.16Tue Live: Explore a Kazakh village in NW China steppe打卡最美乡村 到天山脚下04.15Mon Live: Walk inside a Yao ethnic village in south China打卡最美乡村,感04.14Sun Live: Water splashing festival in Myanmar's Inle Lake缅甸举办首次水上泼水节
04.12Fri Live: Forest firefighting training in northern China 探访国有林场防火04.11Thu Live: A look at the first ever picture of a black hole首张黑洞照片公布04.10Wed Live: Mother–daughter celebrity dress up看土耳其网红母女如何低成本创意还原女星造型
04.09Tue Live: Explore World Heritage Day in Sharjah文化乐旅!走进沙迦“国际古迹遗址日”04.07Sun Live: Celebrate 'Sanyuesan Festival' with Chinese ethnic Zhuang 相约壮族三月三歌圩04.05Fri 《2019传奇中国节·清明》领略祖国的壮美山河 感受大自然赐予的力量
04.04Thu Live: Praying to ancestors inside Fengdu Ghost City探访重庆丰都鬼城清明04.03Wed Live: Farewell ceremony for pandas heading to Denmark欢送大熊猫“星二”“毛二”远赴丹麦04.02Tue Live: Sea of flowers at the foot of Juyongguan Pass of Great
04.01Mon Live: Enjoy beautiful spring in a south China village 与CGTN共赏十里桃花03.31Sun Live: Hike through snow-capped Changbai Mountain来长白山一起穿越雪地与林海、Caoshan Baoji Temple – How to Be Zen03.30Sat Live: A flower paradise in China's Fujian Province 福建建宁里心传统花朝节大型民俗活动
03.29Fri Live: Countdown begins for Beijing Int'l Horti-Expo 2019北京世园会倒计时一个月,你有什么期待?03.28Thu Discovering Tibet: Mysterious map03.27Wed Discovering Tibet: Lhoka, the soul
03.26Tue The Kung Fu Shaolin: Episode 503.25Mon The Kung Fu Shaolin: Episode 403.24Sun The Kung Fu Shaolin: Episode 2
03.23Sat The Secret of Kung Fu: Episode 103.22Fri Live: An indoor urban farm in Singapore 都市中的智慧农场03.21Thu Live: Last supermoon of 2019 is rising tonight 一起来观赏2019年最后一次“超级月亮”
03.19Tue Live: Hong Kong Flower Show at Victoria Park维园花卉春意浓 姹紫嫣红正当时03.18Mon Live: A tour of China’s biggest deep-sea exploration project探秘“沈括”号海洋科学调查船03.17Sun Live: Preventing floods as the Yellow River thaws 春暖冰融 黄河开河
03.16Sat Travelogue: Ningxia From Desert to Oasis03.14Thu Live: Walk around Myanmar's gems emporium 速来围观!到缅甸玉石公盘挑原石03.07Thu Live: Are boats the answer to city congestion? 城市太拥堵?曼谷重启船运缓解
02.28Thu Live: A mask competition at the heart of Venice Carnival 威尼斯狂欢节 面具大赛来袭!02.25Mon Live: Explore the history of the millennium to know the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang 穿越千年赴敦煌之约02.22Fri Live: Red-crowned cranes seen in Yancheng来盐城看大批野生丹顶鹤翩翩起舞
02.21Thu Live: A futuristic yacht experience – the Jet Capsule CGTN带你体验意大利迷你胶囊游艇02.20Wed 5G is coming to China02.18Mon Live: These molten iron fireworks are hotter than lava! 去暖泉古镇
02.17Sun China's ancient wall street02.16Sat Live: Traditional horse racing dazzles spectators探秘缅甸传统赛马比赛02.15Fri Live: Kite-flying Festival in full swing in Pakistan巴基斯坦传统风筝节上的精彩博弈
02.14Thu Live: How to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore? 一起来围观新加坡人民欢度春节02.13Wed Live: Spring Festival at the Chengdu Wuhou Shrine 武侯祠大庙会异彩纷呈02.11Mon Live: Sao Paulo rings in Chinese Lunar New Year圣保罗欢乐春节游园会正在进行
02.09Sat Live: Acrobatics highlight CNY temple fairs in N China 逛杂技大庙会02.08Fri Live: How to keep CNY traditions alive in SE China来塘栖古镇,寻找过年的味道02.07Thu Live: Get more holiday fat in Pingyao Ancient City 平遥古城年味浓 胖三斤带你寻晋中特色美食
02.06Wed 《我的中国年》德米日的冰雪奇缘02.05Tue Live: Tibetans ring in the New Year with prayers世代传承的藏历新年习俗02.03Sun Live: Ethnic Tibetans bid farewell to the past year 藏历除夕夜 吃“古
02.02Sat Live: A ‘bite’ of the Tibetan New Year藏历新年将至 记者带你品尝藏族美食02.01Fri Live: Chinese New Year dragon boat races in Dubai迎春节,迪拜举行中国传统01.31Thu Live: Making colorful steamed buns for Lunar New Year 陕西做花馍迎新年
01.28Mon Faces of Africa: Haile Selassie, the pillar of a Modern Ethiopia01.26Sat Live: Myanmar's first ethnic minority cultural festival 缅甸首届少数民族文化节01.25Fri Faces of Africa: Hope through dance
01.24Thu Live: Life and work on a sea ice monitoring ship揭秘辽东湾海冰监测船上的科考与生活01.21Mon Live: Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern festival ?自贡恐龙灯会、“超级月亮”巧遇“月全食”01.20Sun Live: Expecting grand green party in Beijing 2019北京世界园艺博览会抢“鲜”看
01.19Sat Live: The biggest Spring Festival fair in Malaysia 年货去哪儿买?马来西亚新春市集大采购01.18Fri Live: Traditional Myanmarese weaving with lotus stems中缅文化周上,探秘民间绝技01.16Wed Live: Use facial recognition to pay in this old city温州五马街、蝉街首创全街刷“脸”支付
01.14Mon Live: A gastronomical tour of Guangzhou with CGTN逛广州糖水铺,尝广州传统01.13Sun Live: Do you dare cross a 600-meter-high hanging bridge in Chongqing? 重庆600米高云端彩桥让你步步惊心!01.12Sat Live: Enjoy the International Kite Festival in India 印度国际风筝节 多彩风筝扮靓天空
01.09Wed Live: The winter freeze comes to China's Yellow River黄河“壶口瀑布”现流凌奇观01.06Sun Live: Visiting China’s fairytale snow town in Xinjiang 雪乡禾木 水墨仙境01.05Sat Live: The first solar eclipse of 2019 别错过!一起来看2019年首次日偏食
01.03Thu Live: What's special about assembled ice sculpture? 十二国高手齐聚冰城 顶级赛事尽展冰雕之美01.01Tue Live: Celebrate New Year at Cape Town Minstrel Carnival 开普敦吟游诗人嘉年华开始啦!



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